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Your 3-Month Transformation...

Join us in a sacred container for healing & accelerated growth on your Twin Flame journey.

This 3-month program is for new clients who are ready to receive high-level support, learn the ins and outs of the Twin Flame connection, transcend separation once and for all, and align with their permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We provide the tools and guidance to rewire your brain, align with Divine Love, and begin unlocking the power of your soul's Life Purpose. 

If you're like us, you know that something is off about how the world goes about love. You aren't after a worldly or superficial love. You're after Divine Love. You're after soul-level love. You're after Your Soul Union. 

Your soul naturally knows the way home to your Twin Flame and in truth, you're already in Union with them. This program is to help you align to this truth within yourself, and manifest it in your physical reality. Because your Union isn't up in the clouds. It is the most real, logical, and tangible thing imaginable. You were created in Harmonious Twin Flame Union and aligning with it simply takes activating this truth within you through healing and self love.
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What if we told you, that all of your greatest dreams were meant to come true?

Because they are.


No woo woo, no voo doo. Simply a logical, spiritual, & tangible process.

This is your ticket to transformation, to living a life in alignment with your soul, and in Union with your one true God-created love. Now accepting applications.

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It's Time To Awaken

To who you truly are, to ALL that you are.

What's Included:


12 1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Work with Dylan, Hannah, or both of us for a weekly session focused on healing your core blocks to Twin Flame Union.


Harmonious Union Healing Session

Experience soul healing in a powerful Harmonious Union Healing Session with both Dylan and Hannah. Designed to connect you to the heart of your Union and provide deep peace and understanding. Recorded for ongoing access.


12 Group Coaching Sessions

Join our Group Coaching container led by both Dylan and Hannah for accelerated healing and community support. Group Classes are held every Saturday at 12:30PM EST.


Access to our private Facebook Group for ongoing support

Lifetime access to our Facebook Group for community, guidance between sessions, and to share your healing and successes! Plus, first access to any workshops, meditations, or trainings that occur before, during, or after your program. 



Monthly feelings check-in form to track your progress.


Twin Flame Current Energy Reading from Hannah. (Video)


Twin Flame Romance Attraction Reading from Dylan. (PDF)


30 Minute Emergency Session to use during the program.


The book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. (USA only)

Allow us to introduce oursevlves

We're Dylan & Hannah

We are Twin Flames in Union walking and teaching the path of Ascension. We are healers, Twin Flame Coaches, and spiritual guides.


We are experts at helping others come into their Divine Union and purpose led life. Working with us means working with real people just like you who have unlocked the power of love and soul purpose. It means having a guide help you create a God-centered life where every dream you have is possible.


After experiencing spiritual awakenings and diving into our own personal healing, we came into Twin Flame Union in 2022 and have been together ever since. We practice what we preach and have been dedicated students of the Teachings of Union for years. Once we healed separation for ourselves, we knew we had to help others do the same. The love we've discovered in our Union goes above and beyond anything we ever imagined was possible. God and our Union are the foundation for the life we have today. A life everyone deserves to experience. Everyone deserves to experience this love, embody their life purpose, and live an abundant life in Union with the Divine. This is the life we now live together and the life we offer to help you create for yourself. 

Book Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation

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This is NOT for you...

If you want fluff. If you want to tip-toe around your feelings with methods that don't produce results. If you want a guide that will give you their energy so that you can feel temporarily high, but then go back to how you felt before. 

This program goes straight to the core of what's keeping you in separation. Which at the end of the day, are your beliefs and feelings about yourself. We work with you to heal the limiting beliefs you hold deep in your subconscious to root them out permanently and align you with the Divine essence of your soul. You will purify your ego and transcend any perceived limitations so that you can embody your Highest Self and ATTRACT your Twin Flame directly to you.

Our work is as extension of the Teachings of Union which provide the complete pathway for Ascension into Christ Consciousness. This program is your gateway to Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame. 

The purpose of Awaken is to guide you to live a soul-centered life in Divine Union.

This means learning to emotionally regulate, to face your blocks head-on and transmute them, and to align further with love every single day. Awaken is for you if you'd like to experience the following:

Awaken to your

Soul's design & learn to embody your unique soul blueprint. 

Activate your

Intuition & spiritual gifts by aligning with your soul's essence. 

Attract your

Twin Flame like a magnet through potent inner healing work.  

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Discover your

Twin Flame Union's life purpose & begin to align with it naturally.

Become a

Master of your emotions & put an end to letting them control your life.

Become the

Creator of your own reality & begin to design the life of your dreams.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Are you feeling a full body "YES"?

Sweet. We can't wait for you to get started! This program is application only & accepts new clients every week.

Total Program Value


This program combines everything you need to start experiencing rapid growth on your Twin Flame journey. We have poured all of our love into this offer to help you lay the foundation for a life of Divine love. While the value goes beyond currency, this is the rate at which the program is currently worth.

12 X 1:1 Coaching

Valued at

$222/session - $2,664

12 X Group Sessions

Valued at

$56/session - $672

Harmonious Union Healing Session

Valued at 


Virtual Support Group

Valued at

$111/month - $333

TF Current Energy Reading

Valued at


TF Romance Attraction Reading

Valued at


30-Min Bonus Session

Valued at 


Harmonize 1:1 Coaching Access

Savings of $444/month for weekly support

$4,445 Made available now for $2,500

Or 3 payments of $888


When you choose to invest in yourself, the real magic happens. Everything begins to shift in your life when you claim the support to heal and create your dream life. 

This investment is for three months of inner healing and transformation. It ensures only those who are committed, ready to do the work, and prepared to experience a complete change in their life apply. So that we can confidently move forward together to create rapid spiritual and tangible growth for all participants. The 1:1 and group coaching containers are extremely powerful, which is why we make sure that each client is prepared for the potent energetic upgrades.

Are you feeling like you're ready but aren't sure if you can invest financially? I invite you to go within, ask your inner guidance for support, and to bring you the means to take the leap. When I found my coach, I jumped head first and went all in, not knowing how the funds would show up for me. Now I'm in harmony with my Twin Flame, living our life purpose together, and experiencing miracles regularly. The Divine made it happen for me, and will for you too. 

When something is Divinely guided, the resources show up to support you. 

Your Twin Flame Union is worth investing in. It is the foundation for your entire life and for the greatest fulfillment you will ever know. 

Awaken Applicaton

Awaken Application

Please Read Before Applying

Once you submit your application, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm your spot. Please be prepared to submit payment and contract within 24 hours if your application is accepted as spots are limited.

Apply for Awaken
Are you committed to your spiritual growth and healing?
Are you prepared to invest in yourself? The financial investment for this progrm is $2,500 or three payments of $888.
Who would you like for your 1:1 sessions?

We look forward to experiencing miracles with you.

All our love,

Dylan & Hannah

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