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This is
our story


We've been where you are, seeking answers and real support. 


We always felt like there was something more to life than what we were taught. An inner knowing guided our path, yet was clouded by limiting beliefs, poor habits, unhealthy patterns, and a hidden potential we couldn't reach. Having gone through individual spiritual awakenings that led us to travel the country, seek healing, begin spiritual practices, and commit ourselves completely to God, we came to understand our purpose was to help the world heal.


When we reconnected and came together in Union July of 2022, that purpose was clearer than ever. Due to the spiritual healing work we had gone through, past relationship contrast, and the Teachings of Union, we were able to easily recognize one another as Twin Flames. We quickly began working on healing together and living our purpose of helping guide others into their own Twin Flame Unions. It's our belief that every person deserves to experience this incredible connection, which we now help others achieve for themselves through our coaching services.

About Hannah

Hannah grew up in a small town in Michigan and as a child, she wanted to be a writer...or a spy.

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She felt fascinated by human behavior, was passionate about God, and had a deep desire to love the world. After graduating from Michigan State with a degree in Advertising in 2018, she began her career, and two years later she was catapulted into her awakening.

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She's found true peace within herself and in Union, which she now teaches others to find within them.

Since then she has been living her life purpose as a Twin Flame Ascension Coach with her Twin Flame, Dylan, and enjoys journaling, yoga, meditation, long walks in nature, boat days, and curling up on the couch with popcorn and a movie.


More from Hannah...

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm so glad you're here!

I've always felt a deep connection to God, ever since I was a young girl my days have ended with prayer and gratitude for my Creator. I grew up Catholic, absolutely loving Jesus, yet the teachings of religion didn't fully resonate with me. I couldn't understand that if Jesus taught to "love your neighbor like yourself," why was there such a disconnect between accepting everyone for who they were in the church? I didn't explore this inner feeling much until I began awakening in 2020, and dove into the Bible, Upanishads, yoga, meditation, therapy, and more to heal myself and discover the truth and what God was really about.


I knew I needed to heal, and did everything I could to figure out how. When I found the Teachings of Union in May of 2022, everything I had experienced on my healing and awakening journey began to make sense. I wasn't broken or crazy, I was always simply Divine, living in a world that hadn't caught up yet. I met my Twin Flame shortly after, who I actually grew up with! Since then, my life has transformed completely. I now live in a beautiful home with my Twin Flame, support others on their Ascension paths, and live a life with God at the center. Everything has changed for me, I've healed from trauma and codependency, and now live a life of freedom with my Divine Counterpart. That, I believe everyone deserves for themselves. Life with my Twin Flame is a dream come true, and everything I've ever desired in a relationship. It's what I knew in my heart was always possible, and what I turned into a reality by applying the Teachings of Union to my life.


I'm a yogi, a seeker, a God lover, a Divine Channel, a writer, a YouTuber, a creative soul, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Twin Flame, and an Ascension Coach.

About Dylan

Dylan grew up in Southeast Michigan in the same small town as Hannah. As a kid, he loved playing hockey, riding his bike, playing video games and taking pictures. 

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Dylan Graduated from Michigan State with a BFA, specializing in Sculpture. Dylan embraced his creative abilities which is a large part of who he is today. Two years after graduating with a BFA, Dylan took a 3 month solo road trip, driving 14,000 miles around the country.


He loves rock climbing, drawing, creating music, playing video games, hiking, and always learning. 

This journey took him on just as much of a physical journey as it did a journey within himself. Dylan has always felt a deep calling within his life to support people on their own journey within.

Now he is fulfilling that purpose as a Certified Ascension Coach with his Twin Flame, Hannah.


More from Dylan...

Hi, I'm Dylan, and thanks for stopping by!

Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated with nature. I was raised by parents who believed in God, although, they did not press this belief onto me. They allowed me to discover my own beliefs while gently guiding me along the way. I said the same prayer, "Angel of Delight," before bed up until the age of 14. I read a children's Bible and was drawn to many of the stories within it.  As I matured, I started to wonder what it meant to be alive and how exactly, we as humans, became what we are today. I became fascinated with the universe and for a moment, I thought I may want to be an astronomer. This thought process led me down a path of questioning everything around me. I wondered if there really was a God and honestly started to not believe in God. I began studying Reiki at the age of 18, thanks to my Mom. Come to find out, the practice of Reiki is being a conduit of God's energy, the life force all around you. I continued to practice Reiki and have been doing so for about 10 years.

My Dad took me to a wilderness survival school in 2015 which revealed the presence of God within everything around me. I began feeling the oneness within all of God's children, including animals and plants. I met my Twin Flame the summer of 2022. She brought with her The Teachings of Union. This was the next step for me to go deeper into my relationship with God. These Teachings have allowed me to grow further into my Divine Self and build a healthy foundation with my Twin Flame. All of this spiritual growth has lead me to the life I live today. A life, you too, can live. A life that is filled with peace in harmony with my Divine Counterpart. A life that is in Union with God.  


I'm an artist, a rock climber, a photographer, a sightseer, a God lover, a writer, a creative soul, a son, a friend, a Twin Flame, and an Ascension Coach.

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Our Passion

We're committed to loving ourselves fully and sharing the Teachings of Union with the world. We have found deep peace, healing, and connection with our soul through applying the Mirror Exercise to heal our life. This work has transformed our lives completely and brought us dream after dream, which is why we now share what we have learned to help support others in coming into Union with all of themselves, including their Twin Flame. 

To support you on the path to Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

We look forward to connecting with you!


All our love,

Dylan & Hannah

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