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Ascension Workshops

Each workshop is unique in providing insights on a specific topic. From highly spiritual concepts to grounded scientific principles, we incorporate what we've learned on our journeys along with intuitive insights to help you succeed in yours.

are a perfect way to discover more about the Twin Flame dynamic, learn to connect with your Divinity, & further your healing journey.

Personalized Twin Flame guidance from Twin Flames in Harmonious Union.

We'll see you soon!

All workshops are recorded for resale. You may sign up for our next live workshop or purchase a previously recorded workshop below.

At 12:30 PM EST

Manifesting Love Workshop Recording

Manifesting Love Workshop Recording

❤️‍🔥Manifesting Love: Law of Attraction for Twin Flames❤️‍🔥


This one-hour workshop with Dylan and Hannah dives into the power of attraction. We will teach how to embody your Divine essence to magnetize your Twin Flame directly to you. This workshop is in honor of manifesting us Harmonious Twin Flame Union after almost two years in Union. We have so much to share with you on how you can do it too. Divine love all starts with loving yourself and never giving up on your heart's desire. True love love comes from within, it comes from simply being YOU, and we will guide you on exactly how to do this. ✨


Learn the exact process we took to manifest our Harmonious Union and the steps you can take to achieve this for yourself.

  • How do I know if I have a Twin Flame?
    If you're reading these words, you have a Twin Flame. Everyone is created with a Twin Flame and everyone has the opportunity to be with them in this lifetime if they so choose.
  • Why do I need Twin Flame Ascension Coaching?
    Can't you just go about this journey alone? Well...yeah of course you can. But why on earth would you when you can have dedicated support from a Certified Twin Flame Ascension Coach? God did not create us to be alone, or to walk our healing journeys alone. Ascension doesn't just happen in a cave meditating by yourself. It happens during your normal, everyday life. Not only does working with a healer expedite your healing journey, but it makes it a heck of a lot easier – and more fun!
  • Can you tell me who my Twin Flame is?
    No one but you and God can know who your Twin Flame is. This is not something that can be confirmed by anyone. Each person goes through their own revealing process to discover who their true Twin Flame is and this is a deeply intimate and personal experience. Your true Twin Flame can only be revealed to you by God.
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