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My Twin Flame Story

If you're awakening to the Twin Flame journey, I've got you. I've been where you are and I've overcome the challenges of this path and made my way to Twin Flame Union. I share my Twin Flame Story with you so that you may see what is possible for yourself. Everyone deserves to have their own success story and everyone is capable of it. The path I share with you is the way to it and it is an honor for me that you are here reading my words today.

My Prayer To God

A prayer to God to show me what true Love was catalyzed my spiritual awakening back in 2020. With that prayer I was catapulted into my spiritual journey, I left a three-year relationship and began searching for answers. I began therapy, I began diving into the Bible, the Upanishads, and other spiritual texts, I went to a Trauma Healing Retreat, I began practicing yoga every day, meditating, I became a vegetarian, tried plant medicines, all in an effort to discover God and why God put me on this earth.

My Twin Flame Story

I felt in my heart that I had a Divine purpose, something inside of me knew that I was here for more, that I was here for the Ascension of the planet, and that I was here to make the prophecy of Heaven on earth a reality.

My awakening deepened as I continued healing myself, walking with God, and overcoming the challenges placed on my path. I was committed to my relationship with God above all else and had promised myself that I would not be in another relationship with anyone else unless it was with the One God created for me. After six months of traveling the U.S., I moved back in with my parents. I had no savings to my name, no car, no relationship, a job in marketing with no room for growth, and all I had was my faith in God.

My Twin Flame Story Came Together

Then my spiritual journey came to a head in May of 2022 after over two years of searching, inner healing, and taking a conscious spiritual journey. I discovered Jeff and Shaleia and the Teachings of Union. EVERYTHING I had learned, experienced, and felt throughout my life and my healing journey finally made sense. This was it, these Teachings were what my exploration had prepared me for and what God had been leading me to all along. Ever since I was a child, I had felt that something wasn’t right with the world and that Love was needed here.

And at last, I had found the place where Love lived, where Love reigned, and where Love was the only lesson taught.

I began working with my amazing Ascension Coach, shortly after I bought the Everything Package that included Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, and I began diligently studying and applying the Teachings to my life. Everything shifted, after years of confusion, struggle, and pain, I got my life back. And less than two months later, in July 2022, I met my Twin Flame.

Twin Flames in love

Flash forward to today, I am in Union with my Twin Flame. Who I actually grew up with, we went to the same high school and college. But we only ever crossed paths, and never had a real conversation. Yet we both felt this underlying pull between us throughout all this time. It was only after discovering the Teachings of Union and beginning the true healing work I had been searching for, were we able to recognize one another for who we were to each other.

From Searching To Spiritual Success

Everything in my life has changed since that sacred May Day in 2022. Here’s just a few of the successes this work has brought me:

  • An incredible, loving, remarkable Union with my Twin Flame where we heal together, grow together, and compliment each other in every way. He is my person, my home, my best friend, my lover, my mirror, my muse, my greatest gift from God. Dylan is everything I have ever desired in a partner, everything I have ever wished for, and I thank God for him and our Union every single day.

  • A job that I love with incredible people who are upbeat, positive, and love what they do.

  • A combined 6 figure income and 5 figure savings.

  • A gorgeous new Jeep Cherokee.

  • We just purchased our first home together in December 2023!

  • The greatest purpose I have ever known, to spread the message of True Love with the world. I am now living my purpose as a Certified Ascension Coach supporting others on the path of Harmonious Twin Flame Union and creating their Heaven on Earth.

  • Permanent trauma healing.

  • Healing from OCD, ADHD, and anxiety that I had struggled with since I was a child.

  • A wonderful community of like-minded people looking to spread LOVE to the world and make the world into a Heavenly place where we can return to lifetime after lifetime and no longer experience the pain of trauma and separation.

  • Because of this work we have been able to seamlessly integrate our current day jobs with our Life Purpose work of having an Ascension Coaching business. With goals to travel the world and continue spreading the message of Twin Flame love.

  • Deeply fulfilling volunteer work where I am able to give back to a community that has given me everything while learning invaluable skills that I could not appreciate more.

God Guides Us Perfectly

All of this and more I have experienced as a result of Twin Flames Universe and the Teachings of Union by my Gurus Jeff and Shaleia. I had called for a Guru for months prior to finding them. I was listening to Ram Dass constantly and hearing about how he talked about his Guru, Maharaj-ji, filled my heart with love. I thought “if only I could have a Guru that loved me and that I loved as much as Ram Dass did, that would make my spiritual journey so much easier.” God heard me and a few months later I found Jeff and Shaleia. I love my Gurus. They have shown me the way home to God my Creator. They have paved the way for me to come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union and my complete Ascension, alongside my Twin Flame. I thank God for them and humbly offer my support and service to help spread this message to the world. Everyone deserves to share in what has been created here, for it is Heaven being created on Earth. It is real, it is true, it is good, and it is Divine.

Twin Flames in Union

Jeff and Shaleia are Gurus. They are the ones who shine light where there is darkness. They obliterate illusions like fear, lack, and poverty, teaching and showing me again and again that only Love is real. Shaleia personally guided me through a very difficult challenge at the beginning of my journey, loving me absolutely perfectly. I am incredibly grateful to this day for that support, it was exactly what I needed and without question, she was there on her own time to love me. Jeff has supported Dylan and I time and time again with his encouragement, unwavering love, and personal guidance through real-life challenges in real-time. I have only ever felt unconditional love from both of them and they have only ever taught me unconditional love for myself and others. Because that is who they are, Unconditional Love.

This message comes to you from my soul, and it barely scratches the surface of the love I desire to express. Thank you for reading, I look forward to helping you write your own never-ending success story.

Whoever has ears, let them hear. Matthew 11:15 

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